• Commitment to Quality

Quality Control and Accuracy

attey-group is a multi-functional communications company that engenders a culture of excellence, leading edge technology and dedication to customer satisfaction. We are BS EN ISO 9001 certified for Quality Control with Certificate number GB 6329.

Our business is about providing communications and knowledge management solutions, building long-term relationships and helping you make a success of your own business or organisation. It's a concept that results in significant benefits for all, and fundamental to it are our quality control standards and procedures.

Specific to Data Entry and Management, method and performance standards are of supreme importance and are devised consciously to reduce confusion, increase efficiency and limit errors to near zero. Effective monitoring will entail the use of both normal supervision methods and also the application of data validation programs and include

Data validation is introduced following thorough testing procedures which include two separate stages:

  • Pilot data is tested using 'clean' data to allow accurate comparison between known input and expected output and will be devised and adapted at your request.
  • Subsequently the system is tested using the same data as in the previous stage with the addition of known error data to test the error routines and reports to verify that corruption of good data does not occur.
  • Uniform data production ensuring the output of one individual is readily intelligible to any other in the same team.
  • Certainty as opposed to ambiguity in oral and written communication.
  • Training and retraining of all data processing personnel to high technical standards and subsequent monitoring of their work is carried out.
  • 100% retrospective data verification is carried out in all new projects and on the work of all new personnel until full confidence is established . Thereafter it automatically continues at this level for optical data capturing, as it is inherent in the software, and for manually keyed data entry it is randomly applied to 10% of the total entry.
  • Clear standards are communicated to all personnel concerned in advance of the commencement of their work on any project.
  • Our complete data tracking service monitors all data migration, delivery, data entry, electronic data deposit and storage discharge.
  • Security is paramount throughout the data cycle and includes recovery procedures to ensure continuity of processing in the event of a security incident. General data processing security measures will include access control, environmental control, hardware back-up, data management procedures, program maintenance procedure and disaster recovery procedures.

Extra Quality Control for Optical Scanning

Only market leading software is used - the packages currently in use have advanced OCR, ICR, OMR, BCR and RRR features, and will allow an accuracy level higher than 99% if forms and bar marking are completed correctly. Generally, the number of character substitutions to otherwise acceptable character patterns (mistakes in character or mark recognition) in correctly completed documents would have a predicted error rate of only 0.02%. Validation and verification are inherent features of the software, but additional quality checking is available as described above as a belt-and-braces approach.

All OCR/OMR equipment is covered by on-site maintenance, and within 8 hours of any failure the problem will be resolved or new equipment put into place.

All documents from which data collection has been achieved through OMR/OCR methods will be held in image format on computer to allow re-processing if problems occur.

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